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Pedestrians are at Risk Everywhere

On most roads, pedestrians and vehicles are in such close proximity that it can be easy to forget how dangerous this dynamic can be for the pedestrian. Yet the implied risk is as simple as acknowledging that a person is no match for a thousand-pound machine moving at any speed. Pedestrian safety is tantamount to paying attention to a few basic common-sense concepts. The City of Jackson has laws designed to protect pedestrians from harm, however, all pedestrians should be on the lookout for dangerous situations.

Respect the Crossing Experience

Even in small, slower-moving communities, crossing the street without discretion could be dangerous. Just because you're on a crosswalk, it doesn't mean that somebody won't attempt to roll out of a parking lot without stopping or seeing you because they're sipping the coffee they just purchased or are studying a receipt. When crossing, look at every angle by which a vehicle could come into play and pay attention to crossing instructions.

Keep Your Eyes Alert

Often, these days, folks are prone to walking with their eyes cast down at their cell phones. Pedestrians should walk with alertness, though, taking in all entrances and egresses where vehicles could appear and recognizing moving objects as they approach. Remember that your judgment could be the difference between being involved in an accident and avoiding one, and you can't make any judgments without using alert eyes. If you’re in an accident involving a vehicle, no injury attorney will be able to help get you compensation if the accident is caused by your negligence.

Sidewalks and Street Walking

Choosing to eschew a sidewalk for another part of the road is courting disaster. If you are forced to walk on the street, walk so that you are facing traffic, lest you be blind-sided. You should also walk as far off the road as you are comfortable doing. If you see a hazardous area that needs a sidewalk, crosswalk, stop sign, or traffic signal, or an unmaintained crossing area in Jackson, contact city officials with your request.

Everyone is a Pedestrian

Everybody spends some time walking near busy roads. Ensuring your safety in these scenarios is largely dependent on how focused you are on the present and on your surroundings. Awareness means that nothing will take you by surprise and could save you from a painful and traumatic experience.